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Oustanding Male and Female Yorkie Puppies Ready For Adoption
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Date Posted: 5/26/2012 6:39:04 PM <<Previous Ad  Back to Results   Next Ad>>
Posted By: magreat11  
Looking for a perfect teacup yorkie puppy for adoption? Look no further! We raise quality purebred yorkie puppies. We specialize in Yorkshire terriers and at times have teacup yorkies for adoption. We strive for the quality of the yorkie breed. All Yorkshire terrier puppies are current on vaccinations, vet checked, micro chipped, come with pure bred registration papers and a 1-year genetic health guarantee. Every newly adopted yorkie puppy will take home a free puppy care package. I am always available for any questions or concerns when raising your new terrier puppy! Never hesitate to call or e-mail, I am always available for you and your puppy. My t-cup miniature yorkie puppies have baby doll faces, short cobby bodies, attractive coats, great personalities, and an overall healthy well-being. All my yorkie terriers are kept in my home, well socialized and loved. I have the best, healthiest Yorkshire terrier puppies for adoption . Interested contact us for more information and pictures

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